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Session Two of Fleming Rutledge's Epiphany

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(The Holy Family by Chris E.W. Green)

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Here is the second session of our study of Fleming Rutledge’s new book Epiphany: The Season of Glory.

Upcoming Lenten Study

Once we wrap up Fleming’s book, Rabbi Joseph Edelheit will join the Monday night team to discuss his book, What Am I Missing?

The book illuminates the difficult life lesson that everyone is missing something in their lives. This truth includes six significant characters of the Hebrew Bible: Abraham and Rachel; Moses and Miriam; and David and Esther. Using texts from the Hebrew Bible as our source of interpretation, we search for the meaning of "what is missing" in each of them and ourselves. These challenges provoke questions that have no simple answers and stimulate us to reflect on being a human with purpose and hope today.

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Show Notes:


The conversation explores the themes of Christology, the importance of the Epiphany season, and the subversive nature of the Christian calendar. The participants discuss the need to move beyond viewing Jesus as a moral teacher and instead recognize him as Lord. They also reflect on the inclusivity of the Gospel message and the implications of including Herod in the Christmas story.

Overall, the conversation emphasizes the transformative power of encountering Christ and the need for grace in theological discussions. The conversation explores the authority of scripture and the reality of the church. It discusses the challenges of faith outside of church and the importance of encouraging children's faith. The significance of Epiphany and the need to tell the story well are also explored. The conversation delves into the influence of culture on worship and the church's reluctance to teach Jesus as Lord. It emphasizes the value of Christian formation and the richness of the faith tradition. The importance of worship and the connection to the great tradition are discussed, along with the need for intentional atmospheric changes in worship. The conversation also addresses the importance of addressing difficult topics in the church and the fullness of worship as a response to God's address. It concludes with a discussion on trusting God's timing.


  • Christology is an important aspect of the Epiphany season and offers an opportunity to proclaim a powerful, confident understanding of Jesus as the Son of God.

  • The Christian calendar and the stories of Epiphany challenge our normal way of understanding time and invite us to wrestle with the particularity and scope of the Gospel message.

  • The inclusion of Herod in the Christmas story reminds us of the antagonism between the narrative of Israel and the empire, and the need to resist the temptations of power and authority.

  • The conversation highlights the importance of grace and the recognition that our theology evolves over time, and that different believers may have different ways of experiencing and understanding faith. Scripture exercises authority in the church by being embraced in its entirety, even the uncomfortable parts.

  • The church is not just a group of good people doing good things; it can be brutal and challenging.

  • Encouraging children's faith is more important than forcing them to attend church services.

  • The church should embrace the richness of the faith tradition and explore the fullness of worship.

  • Worship should be intentional and reflect a response to God's address.

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00:00Introduction and Musical Offering

04:32Introductions and Discussion Moderation

08:23Chapter 3 and 4 Vocabulary

09:24Importance of Christology

11:16Epiphany Season and Proclaiming Christ

19:54The Magi and Recognizing Jesus as Lord

27:28Question: How has your theology evolved?

36:46The Subversive Nature of the Christian Calendar

41:27The Shadow Side and Foreshadowing in Epiphany

45:54The Implications of Including Herod in the Christmas Story

51:57The Authority of Scripture

52:54The Reality of the Church

53:51Faith Outside of Church

54:44Encouragement for Children's Faith

55:13The Importance of Epiphany

56:24Telling the Story Well

57:52The Influence of Culture on Worship

58:50The Church's Reluctance to Teach Jesus as Lord

59:36The Value of Christian Formation

01:00:06The Richness of the Faith Tradition

01:01:35The Importance of Worship

01:02:04The Connection to the Great Tradition

01:03:00The Environmental Shift in Worship

01:04:00Re-narrating Church History

01:05:29The Value of Christian Seasons

01:06:25The Importance of Intentionality

01:07:23The Atmospheric Setting of Worship

01:09:09The Shift in Church Practices

01:10:36Feast Days and Atmospheric Changes

01:11:34Addressing Difficult Topics in the Church

01:13:30The Fullness of Worship

01:14:44The Semantic Range of Worship

01:16:11Worship as a Response to God's Address

01:18:06Encountering God and Worship

01:19:33Trusting God's Timing

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