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Is a Divine Jesus a Pretend Jew?

a conversation with Rabbi Joseph

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After a hiatus due to my galavanting around the Scottish Highlands, Rabbi Joseph recently connected to discuss a recent article in the New Yorker by James Carrol.

You can find the piece here.

Show Notes


The conversation between Jason and Rabbi Joseph Edelheit revolves around the article by James Carroll titled 'This Easter is Christianity Still Promulgating Anti-Semitism.' They discuss the portrayal of Jews in the Gospel narratives, the challenge of reading these texts in a way that is not anti-Semitic, and the historical development of anti-Jewish tropes. They also touch on the current political climate, the need for dialogue and community, and the importance of taking sides against hate and polarization.


  • The portrayal of Jews in the Gospel narratives has shaped how they are perceived across centuries.

  • Reading the passion story in the Gospel of John requires understanding the historical context and the history of John's own community.

  • Christianity has a responsibility to critically reflect on the anti-Jewish elements in scripture and to be careful in how these texts are interpreted and preached.

  • The rise of anti-Semitism is a global concern, and it is important to challenge and confront it.

  • Engaging in dialogue and building relationships across religious and ideological differences is crucial for healing and understanding.

  • Taking sides against hate and polarization is necessary for the preservation of democratic values and the pursuit of justice.

Sound Bites

  • "You can't use the term the Jews... without carrying from it all of those layers"

  • "Jesus the good teacher... inadvertently anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish"

  • "A divine Jesus would have been in essence a pretend Jew"

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