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My Guncle and Me

a conversation with Jonathan Merritt

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Here is a recent conversation with Jonathan Merritt about his new children’s book, My Guncle and Me.

Find the book here.

Jonathan is an award-winning columnist and commentator on politics, spirituality, and culture. He is the contributing editor for The Week and has been featured on prominent national outlets including The New York TimesUSA TodayThe Washington Post, The Atlantic, and CNN. Jonathan has authored four critically-acclaimed books and has also served as a ghostwriter on dozens of others, many of which became New York Times bestsellers. Jonathan is a proud biological Guncle to five little ones in Georgia and a proud adoptive Guncle to ten nephews and nieces in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, where he resides.

My Guncle and Me (May 14, 2024, Running Press Kids), is a celebration of individuality and inclusivity that reminds young readers that they are unique, seen and celebrated for who they are. Henry Higgleston struggles with being deemed an oddball by other kids at school. When his fabulous gay uncle arrives for a weekend with his French bulldog, Jimmy Chew, in tow, Guncle is on a mission to teach Henry that it’s what makes us different that actually makes us special. 

Illustrated by Joanna Carillo and endorsed by New York Times bestselling authors Kate Bowler, Shauna Niequist, and Marianne Williamson, My Guncle and Me, is a joyful story of self-acceptance and self-love that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt different. 

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