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The Power of Words

Final session on "What Am I Missing?" with Rabbi Joseph Edelheith

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In this conversation, Rabbi Joseph and the team the discuss the importance of interpersonal relationships and the power of words. They explore the concept of enoughness and the transformative potential of embracing uncertainty and complexity. They also touch on the dangers of simplification and the need for community and pluralism. The conversation concludes with a reflection on the identity of Christians and Jews and the journey to discovering one's true self. In this conversation, the speakers discuss various themes related to identity, character, the internet, questions, discourse, Holy Week, Jesus as a Jew, serving, the delay of God's promises, the violence of Holy Week, the universal God, pluralism, and the depth of spirituality.


  • We learn the most important aspects of ourselves from our engagement with others.

  • Embracing uncertainty and complexity can lead to personal growth and transformation.

  • Community and pluralism are essential for our survival and well-being.

  • Understanding the concept of enough and embracing it can lead to liberation and contentment. Identity is not achieved, but given.

  • Character is shaped by external events and the world's perception of us.

  • The internet can both connect us and make us complain about minor inconveniences.

  • Asking questions is a valuable and necessary part of faith and growth.

  • Discourse and dialogue are essential for understanding and discernment.

  • Holy Week is a time of reflection on the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus.

  • Jesus' Jewish identity is important for Christians to recognize and appreciate.

  • Serving others is a way to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

  • God's promises are inviolable, and there is a delay in their fulfillment.

  • The violence of Holy Week highlights the depth of Jesus' sacrifice.

  • God's love is universal and inclusive of all people.

  • Pluralism allows for different expressions of spirituality and faith.

  • The depth of spirituality is not measured by religious labels or institutions.

  • Holy Week can be a challenging and emotionally intense time for believers.

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Tamed Cynic
Jason Micheli
Stick around here and I’ll use words as best as I know how to help you give a damn about the God who, in Jesus Christ, no longer gives any damns.