Sitemap - 2022 - Tamed Cynic

Veiled in Bread, the Godhead See

In the Aftermath of the Annunciation

Nice Girls Don’t Change the World


The Love that is God

The Road to Hell is Paved with Preachers

The Narrow Door is Thin

Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Guilty

The World is Not a Machine

Hitmen and Midwives: Session Three

Everlasting Twaddle

Hitmen and Midwives: Session Two

Hitmen and Midwives

We're All Camels Headed Towards the Eye of a Needle

Total Eclipse of the Son

The Poor Man’s Name Means ‘God is on My Side’

No Room to Maneuver

Grace in Practice

From God’s Lips to Your Ears

Don’t Look Back: Livestreams

Being the Light in an Empire of Lies

Premature Exclamation

Salt Life

Preferential Option for the Persecuted

No Further, Future Word

God is Not Nowhere in the World

Declaration of Dependence

The Tonto Principle

An Offered Checkmate

Letter to My Goddaughter

The Fellowship of the Crucified

Leaning Heaven Towards a World with Too Much Hell in it

Expecting Rachel, Finding Leah

Not a Place, A Person

There’s No Sea in the City of the Lamb

Take and Read

A Sheep Without Any Verbs

More than a Life-Coach, Guru, or Teacher

Simul Iustus et Dubium

A Matter of Death and Life

Good Friday: Retroactive Grace

Good Friday: Retroactive Grace

Every Easter is an Advent

Falling Upward

He Came Preaching the Pardon of God

We are the Nard God’s Purchased at Great Cost

Two Ways to Go to Hell

X Marks More Than One Spot

“I am counted with them that go down into the pit”

Monsters at the Manger

The Scandal of Particularity

The Lay of the (Holy) Land

The Shocking Freedom of “Faith Alone”

The [Victims of War] You will Always have with You

The House (of the Lord) Always Wins

You ARE the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

If the Devil Showed Up, I’d have said, “Yes”

God Doesn’t Give a Damn

The Sacrifice of War

If the Law (“Thou shalt not kill”) is not absolute, the Gospel’s absolution is not perfect

No One’s Better at Doubt and Despair than Pastors

The Obligation to Worship

Preachers, Give Your People a Promise

No One’s Making a Docu-Series about Ordinary Churches

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