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Why Does the Forerunner Not Become a Follower?

An Advent Conversation with Fleming Rutledge

Jesus Takes Away the Time John Gives Us

Even the Darkness is Not Dark to You

Is It Time for Me to Conceal My Jewish Identity?

Incarnation in Advent

The Light's Winning

An Advent Conversation with Fleming Rutledge

Apocalypse Later

The Church is like a 12 Step Recovery Program

Even in the Eschaton, We Must Say Thanks

The Goats Were the Ones Counting Their Good Deeds

The End is Music

We Should Not Cover the Cross with Roses on Christ the King

Good Preachers Should Be Like Bad Kids

This is Not Darker than the Darkness We Have Known

Why Do We Think Jesus is Talking about Money?

The Word that Gives Us Christ

Paradise for the Insane

Justification by Unbelief Alone

God Needs a Name

Trigger Warning

All Shall Be Saved

(un)Like A Virgin

Lives of Truth

The Light We Cannot See

Nude Faith

The Shape of Anglican Theology: Faith Seeking Wisdom

All Saints: The Courage to Make Others Suffer for Our Convictions

The Mystery of Grace in Our Most Fearful Hours

It'll All Come Round Right

Can We Pray to the Saints?

To Be Certain of the Dawn

Listen to Us!

Luther and God's Two Words

The Norm which Norms and is Not Normed

David’s Lord Always; David’s Son in Time

What is Theology?

The Progressive Spiral of Eternity

Heaven and Earth

Jesus's Pockets are Empty

The Hidden and the Clothed God

Salvation is from the Jews

The Only Revolutionary has Death Behind Him

Preach As If Nothing Has Happened

God Gone Wild

L'Chaim in the Midst of Terrorism

"Death is a Big Part of What I Do"

Indigenous Theology for Indigenous People's Day


Bedlam and Heartbreak Abide in Bethlehem

On Becoming a Theologian of the Cross

The Leitmotif of Christianity

The Law is Gospel

A Pastor isn't a CEO

The Parable of the Ridiculously Persistent Owner

A Theology of Eating

All Your Sins are Free

Seeing What Is from What Will Be

In Christ Alone, Christians CAN be Christians

Don't Let Your Eyes Get Used to the Darkness

The Audacious Theology Behind Yom Kippur

Give a Damn

Apolitical Christianity is Pure Delusion

The String Cheese Incident

The Gospel is Palliative Care for the Already Died

The God-ness of God

The God of the Bible is a Desperate Lover

Every Last Loser

A Womb More Spacious Than the Stars

Bonhoeffer for Troubled Times

Grace Happens: Or, Why I Abide in Ministry

The Road to Hell is Paved with Amnesia

The Exodus is an Apocalypse

Boot-stomping, @#$-kicking Jesus

Learning to Speak Christian

Temporality is Not a Contrary to Eternity

An Untidy Faith

Christ is Not a New Moses

An Atheist's Ten Commandments

Heaven is a Yeshiva

The Godless Crusade: Religion, Populism, and Right-Wing Identity Politics in the West

Five Propositions on Day of Prayer for Creation

Vengeance: Love's Alleged Opposite

The Making and Unmaking of the World

"Nobody Ever Drifts toward the Gospel"

The Trinity at the Burning Bush

You Thought God was an Architect

The Bible Happens Now

What the Therefore is There For

Jesus's Body

Gospel Freedom According to Galatians

A Modest Proposal for Exorcism

A Star Called He

In Hell There is Everything But Mercy

Seven Secrets of the Spirit-Filled Life

What Does Heaven Feel Like?

Seeing Voices

The Lord Desires to Save All

Food and Faith

Where Eternity Clips Time

Hitmen and Midwives

What Story?

Seeing Voices

Jesus Displays the Grain of the Universe

Christ Calls Proclaimers Not Explainers

The Carpenter's Son is a Tailor

A Quid without Any Quo

Q: Does God Change?

To Pray is Human, To Repent Divine

Sandwich Powers

The Son is the Father’s Torah

What Do Our Prayers Sound Like to God?

The God Who Woos

A Conversion with David Bentley Hart

Flipping Off the Powers

Advice to Young Pastors

Sneak Peak: A Quid Without Any Quo

The Bar of the Conference

Some Platitudes about Prayer

The Underside of Grace

Heaven IS a Place on Earth (But It's on the Move)

Sinners in the Hands of a __________ God

Rethinking Faith

The Odd Creatures of the Sixth Day

He Will Have Us, If Only We Don't Get in the Way

Faith Follows the Promise

The Other Evangelicals: A Story of Liberal, Black, Progressive, Feminist, and Gay Christians―and the Movement That Pushed Them Out

For Christ's Sake

Daily We Need a Do-Over

That Time I Interviewed a Former Dominatrix

Is the Crucifixion a Penultimate Good?

Grace: Mission with an Open Hand

Paul Saves the Worst for Last

Christ Hold Fast

Deprive Them of Their Pathos

What the Philosophers Do Not Know

Indigenous Theology and the Western Worldview

There are Two Gods on the Way to Moriah

We Don't Live in Egypt Anymore

What's Theology Got to Do with It?

Spitting in Sin's Face

A Death has Intervened

Hagar, Ishmael, and the Trinity

Wake Up to Wonder

Leave Left Behind Behind

How to Spot a False Gospel

Every Tear Will Be Unshed

No Grounds for Boasting

Paul's Big But

All Things Happen by God’s Will

"You Had Me at Karl Barth"

Because He Lives, We Can Describe Tomorrow

Hitmen and Midwives

All Must be Saved Because We are Who We Love

The Good News of Predestination

The Stars are the Light of the World

The Moral Claim in the Triune Name

The Exodus is Our Genesis

The Augustine Way

Q: Can We Find God in Nature?

How Do You Identify False Prophets?

Hitmen and Midwives

In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit- Mother of us all

God is Not a Fan of War

No Martyrs, No Christianity

Saved by Design

The Good News of Pentecost is the Gospel Itself

The Sacrifice of War

At Pentecost, the Spirit Unites the Head with his Body

Why Does the Holy Spirit Descend on Shavuot?

I Need to Drive Your Toilet

Everything is Going to be Okay

Jesus-Flavored Ideologies

Curated Catechesis

Q: How Should We Speak about God?

Forgiveness is Too Weak a Word

The Present-Tense of the Gospel

Your Absolution Comes from the Only Still Point in the Cosmos

God is Roomy

The Areopagus is Not Everywhere

Theological Fragments

Q: How Should We Picture God?

Believers in Jesus should be the last people to board Flight 93’s

What's Theology Got to Do with It?

Grace Creates Impossible Possibilities

He Can Be Now No Other


Predestination is Plural

If Jesus is Risen, Where is His Body?

What is Said When Jesus is Said to be "Risen"

Can one be a Christian and believe that all will be saved?

Baptism Saves

Hitmen and Midwives

Is this how to be an antiracist?

King of Kings Not Secretary of After Life Affairs

The Church is an Event within an Event

The "I" A.I. is Missing


What Exactly is Christ's Risen Body?

Q: Does Belief in God the Creator Require Rejecting Science?

The Risk of Sounding Odd

Whither the Body?

Hitmen and Midwives

Join me on Notes

It's All Christophany

Easter Hope is Not Inert

Believing is Seeing

Risen with Nary a Word of Condemnation

Q: Is Doubt Credible?

The Expected is as Yet Inconceivable

Transfiguring Being

The Space Between the Angels

That All Sad Things will be Made Untrue

The Mercy of God Can Never Now be a Theory Nor Even a Hope

Because He Died, I Can Face Tomorrow

There is No Deeper Magic at Work

The Crucifixion Puts Jesus’s Life and Teaching to the Test

He Did Not Shout "Do NOT Crucify Him!"

To Unmask Satan’s Temptations Christ Must be Tempted By Them

Mary's Son is Pilate's Victim

Jesus is the Worst Sinner

Judas: Icon of the Merciful Depths of the Crucified Love of the God Who is Human

Psalm 22, Jesus's Cry of Forsakenness, and the Triune Life

“For those who want to save their life will waste it..."

Dying is a Part of Living

Hitmen and Midwives

Hitmen and Midwives

"Work with your salvation in fear and trembling" is the better way to hear it

Transfiguring Repentance

Q: What is the best way to demonstrate belief's credibility?

It's "Thou Shalt Care"

America's Cut and Paste Tragedy

Covering the Cross with Roses (or Palm Leaves)

The 614th Commandment

The Fall Takes Place Not in Eden But at Mt. Sinai

Hitmen and Midwives: Talking Preaching with Preachers

The Church is not the Jesus Memorial Society

Q: Is Belief in God Credible? A: Yes.

Transfiguring Doubt

Only Death Makes Possible an Economy of Scarcity

God’s Office is at the End of Your Rope

Hitmen and Midwives: Talking Preaching with Preachers

Face to Face with God: Christ as Priest and Mediator

Sigmund Freud was Right, Sheep are Lame

Q: What do we mean by calling God “Creator?”

Transfiguring Obedience

A Covert, Undercover Christian is an Oxymoron

Outlaw God

The Virtue of War

Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics for Everyone

True Inclusiveness

Q: Does God Exist? A: No

Transfiguring Identity

Meet Cute at the Well

God is Roomy

How Pastors Practice Priesthood

Without a Loquacious Lord, You've No Basis to Believe God Loves You

Jesus's Whole Point to Nicodemus:

Transfiguring Death

Jesus Won't Jump the Shark

"You People" is a Warning, You People

The International League of the Guilty

Transfiguring Silence

The Devil in the Desert Speaks the Gospel Truth

Divine Allurement

We are Beggars, This is True

Better than Elijah

Peter's Right (on the Mountaintop)

Participating in Providence

The Buck-Stopping Will

Hope is the Child of History

The Faithful Deceit of Laughter's Wife

God Gives a Feck